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The fresh reports multi-cat litter box is made of post-consumer recycled traditional, which makes it 00% dust-free and 99% infiltration. navigate to this web-site Their moisture-locking granules help counteract odors whilst reducing keeping track of. Fresh information multi-cat cover is also 3x more assimilation than clay.

The new News cover is available in 25-lb zippered luggage. Its unique formulation includes cooking soda, which will reduces pellet monitoring. The fast-absorbing pellets hold three times more moisture than conventional cat litter, which usually helps keep your cat smelling fresh. Fresh new News is also made from totally recycled standard paper, which helps you to save forests and reduces landfill space.

Fresh News Multi-Cat Litter box is made from post-consumer recycled paper and is non-allergenic. It is also compostable and 99% dust-free. Fresh Information Small Puppy Litter is manufactured out of recycled magazine and is biodegradable. Unlike clay litter, it is entirely dust-free and it is allergy-friendly.