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Has a degree in Telecommunication Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and Executive MBA (Instituto Empresa Madrid). She got a broad vision of the field of ICT for Active and Healthy Aging through a diverse experience.
She is a European Expert since 2012. She has also participated in European projects in the health field:
▪ Value‐based oriented purchase of comprehensive care for patients in need of a pacemaker, as Procurement Coordinator in RITMOCORE PPI. Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for healthcare services for elderly people, as Procurement Coordinator in STOPandGO PPI.
▪ FIRE (, closing the gap between research and market in Europe in Trustworthy ICT) being responsible in the project of ICT security for Health.
Before that, she collected several complementary experiences: working in market development as a partner in ValueCreation (co‐creation in Health); addressing the social impact of technology in ETICAS R&D, and promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Ashoka.
Previously she launched and dynamized collaborative networks in Spain around R&D, named National Platforms, in ICT for Active and Healthy Aging (eVIA) and Trustworthy ICT (eSEC) in collaboration with AMETIC.
Before that Sofía was co‐founder and CEO of a high‐tech company for 10 years, TEIMA Audiotex S.L. and researcher in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Graduated from Autonomous University of Barcelona with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1986, she has more than 30 years of experience as consultant and ICT manager, leading innovative projects for different consultancy firms and the Catalan Government.

Since 1990, she is leading innovation projects for public bodies (like Accio and AQuAS) in different sectors and with different roles as a provider and as a public procurer.
In the last decade, Caterina’s work is focused on fostering innovation through public procurement in HealthCare. She is a Public Procurement expert and advisor in a wide range of value‐based procurement projects both at Spanish and pan‐ European level:
▪ At Catalan level she is coordinating Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) initiatives of the PPI Program of RIS3CAT in sustainability (road maintenance and waste reduction), social affairs and Health care. Caterina also advises Catalan public bodies to develop value‐based procurements in energy efficiency.
▪ At pan‐European level, she has been participating in Pre‐Commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation projects in the Health Care sector (RITMOCORE PPI, DECIPHER PCP, ENIGMA PCP, NYMPHA PCP, THALEA PCP, STOP&GO PPI, PDTI challenge of ECHORD.


Has a degree in Mathematics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa and a Master in Innovation Management from the Universidad de La Salle. She is an expert in digital transformation as she develops her professional experience for more‐then‐30‐year  around technology.
Alicia is currently an IT consultant for different clients, including the EOI (Public Escuela de Organización Industrial) in the field of technological entrepreneurship as an e‐commerce expert and cutting edge technologies.
Previously, she created her own company ANTALI Technologies with a focus on Artificial Intelligence developments for a specific sector in which she holds the position of IT Director.
She began her professional career working for 13 years at Microsoft with different functions that took her from the technical department to the partner department and ends this stage as a business developer in the Internet Business Group.
She is very good at explaining technology and participates as a speaker in forums related to digital trends. She is the co‐ author of a book about Social Networks “Socorro, quiero ser digital” published by Lid Editorial.


Project manager with university education in mathematics and computer science. Experience in international consortium coordination and digital transformation projects.


Nico has a background in finances, with a bachelor’s degree from CUNEF (Madrid) and four years experience working in the accounting department of Credit Suisse PF. Following his interest in cultural criticism, he veered early in his career towards humanities, accepting a scholarship for postgraduate cultural studies at King’s College London. He has since worked as a freelance writer, editor and translator. His writing has been published in magazines like IndieBerlin and ExBerliner. As an editor and translator, he regularly works for major clients such as Editorial Planeta, Banco Santander, Bankinter, etc. At VALDE Innova, Nico is a content creator for dissemination activities and assists in the writing and editing of deliverables.   


Graduated in Video Game Design and Development from ESNE (University School of Design, Innovation and Technology) and specialized in 2D concept and cartoon-style illustration, she also has knowledge of 3D modeling and animation.
She is in charge of carrying out tasks related to graphic design (layout of documents, creation of templates, illustrations, iconography…)
To know more about her work:
Instagram: @celia2dart


IEXP director, with 5 years of experience in patient experience projects with laboratories, hospitals, European companies and H2020. Previously director of healthcare quality at IVF-SPAIN and director of SeniorLab, an ambient assisted living program for the elderly at Citilab. Previously manager of organizational development shared services Mercedes-Benz.